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We offer a range of spa packages including day and overnight retreats, ladies nights and hen parties. For more information click here.

Swimming Pool
18 meters long, and a constant 1.2m deep, is more than enough to swim some proper lengths. We also offer aqua lessons. For more information contact The Village Spa.

Hydrotherapy Pool 
Believed to have extensive health benefits by exposing the body to hot then cold air. It is thought that alternating between hot and cold air treatments can help to heal injuries, enhance various bodily functions and reduce inflammation.

Rock Sauna
The rock sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna experience. Health benefits are thought to include improved circulation, lower blood pressure, enhanced immune system as well as joint and muscle pain relief.

Bio Sauna 
Similar health benefits to the rock sauna, though not quite as hot.

Steam Room 
The humid environment is ideal for those with respiratory problems who would otherwise not to be able to benefit from a thermal experience. The addition of eucalyptus essence provides an environment that rejuvenates body and mind.

Aroma Grotto
Aromatherapy can have a profound effect on your mind and behaviour by soothing away the stresses of modern life.

Halotherapy Room
Breathing in the dry salt aerosol is believed to foster good sleep, alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma, relieve hypertension and stress.

Seasonal Opening Times

  • Monday 24th December Spa 07:30–20:00 Treatments 10:00–16:00
  • Tuesday 25th December Spa 08:00–14:00 / 16:30–19:30 Treatments CLOSED
  • Wednesday 26th December Spa 08:00–20:00 Treatments 10:00-18:00
  • Thursday 27th December Spa 08:00 – 20:00 Treatments 10:00-18.00
  • Friday 28th December Spa 08:00–20:00 Treatments 10:00 -18:00
  • Saturday 29th December Spa 08:00–20:00 Treatments 10:00-18:00
  • Sunday 30th December Spa 08:00–21:00 Treatments 10.00-18:00
  • Monday 31st December Spa 08:00–18:00 Treatments 10.00-18:00
  • Tuesday 1st January Spa 09:00–16:30 Treatments CLOSED

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