A History of Orrell Fold

Sitting on the edge of the West Pennine Moors and boasting stunning views over Bolton. The Last Drop Village is the ideal hotel for all occasions.

The origins of - the Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa

The Last Drop Village as it is seen today was originally converted from a group of derelict 17th century farm buildings known as “Orrell Fold”. The name of “Orrell” dates back far beyond modern records, but it is generally believed that the Orrell family held the Manor of Turton from circa 1420, when the Lord of the Manor, John de Torbock, died and was succeeded by William Orrell. The title was then passed down through successive generations of the Orrell family, all of whom resided at Turton Tower.


How it became - the Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa

In 1930 Mr William Carr, a well-known farmer and race horse owner bought the farm. He lived on a farm in the Dunscar area and used Orrell Fold mainly for stabling and exercising his horses. Orrell Fold then became largely unoccupied and the buildings fell into a state of neglect, even though there were still horses stabled at the farm. Eventually in 1963 Mr Carr sold the derelict farm to Mr Carlton Walker a man of considerable foresight who then began the task of creating the Last Drop Village.

Most visitors to the Last Drop are puzzled by the origins of its unusual name. Could it be that public hangings are rife? Or maybe the beer keeps running out? You are well assured that neither happens. In fact the name was suggested by Carlton Walkers friends who offered him “the last drop” of a bottle of wine during a meal to celebrate the completion of works on the restaurant, the first building to be completed in 1964 and the beginning of what it is today.


The Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa have won the prestigious TheBestOf Business Award for the category of Hotels and Accommodation. The Business of the Year Awards is organised by TheBestof Bolton, a marketing organisation committed to raising the profile of local, independent, recommended businesses serving Bolton and the surrounding area. The Awards operate at a national level with a UK Business of the Year, Category Business of the Year and Town Business of the Year. Not only did The Last Drop win the category award they were also placed in the top 100 businesses nationwide.

The hotel has just been confirmed the Weddingdates.com top rated wedding venue in the North West. This is voted by bride and grooms so to win this award it is such an honour. This is the second consecutive year of winning this award and just shows what a great venue we are.